Created immediately after the historical turning point represented by the Revolution of December 1989, during the mandate of the visionary rector Eugen Todoran, the socio-human specializations from the West University of Timișoara were to regroup administratively in 1994 within the new Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, a higher education that aspires to the status of a comprehensive university, completed in a disciplinary ensemble that strived to recover the whole body of essential knowledge, which unites the positive sciences with the sciences of man and society. But from the generous intention of the initiators of this restorative project to the actual realization, those engaged in the process of institutional construction were faced with several challenges that seemed insurmountable: firstly, in the area of social sciences (sociology, psychology), due to their ban by the brutal intervention of the communist power, for almost two decades no specialists had been trained to be able to “grow” organically, in a stimulating academic atmosphere. On the other hand, it had to start everywhere and at the same time, under the pressure of a moment in which the social, political, and cultural turmoil of the first post-December years, but also for the pre-December "legacies" that were deeply reflected in organizational metabolism.

However, the team that set out showed courage, perseverance, and determination, soon managing to put the faculty in a bed of decency and institutional honor, investing consistently in the generation absent then, the young teachers. The following years proved the relevance of this option, our faculty becoming, through its specializations, one of the most dynamic in the country, with significant results in both scientific and didactic research or in openness to the community. At this moment of balance, our thoughts turn to those who gave us, professionally, "life", and to whom we express our gratitude and gratitude. Nothing that "we are," as far as we are, could have been acquired without the generosity and confidence they showed us in those years of "beginnings," when above their own biographical arrangement, they preferred to give up themselves and believe in us and to give us not only knowledge, but also hope and hope that what they could not build - due to a bitter and absurd history - we will be able to fulfill in their name. Thank you for all this exercise in generosity!

The Faculty of Sociology and Psychology is an inter and trans-disciplinary faculty, which brings together specialists from four main fields of science: psychology, sociology, social work, and educational sciences.

The presence in a single faculty of the four fields of science offers students a high-quality education, characterized by flexibility and interdisciplinarity, with aims for a thorough didactic training or for future successful careers in the scientific field.

In our training or research activities, our students and collaborators will frequently meet partners from abroad who constantly support our teaching and research programs through numerous scholarships for students and teachers. We look forward to your collaboration in various ways: student, associate professor, or partner in research projects

Dear members of the community of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, present and future,

The chance of humanity depends on the degree of education and culture of people and the ability of a society to reinvent itself through lifelong learning. The study programs offered by our faculty, through the Department of Social Assistance, Psychology, Sociology and Educational Sciences, meet both the individual development needs and the challenges of the society in which we live.

Through the efforts of each of us, teachers, student, and administrative staff, we have managed to develop together a stimulating intellectual environment and a learning community in which everyone can fulfill their potential and in which they can express themselves authentically.

We are a student-oriented faculty and engaged in fundamental and applied research, national and international, which addresses various topics, with impact for the real world. Valuing the expertise of each teacher, promoting the image of the faculty as a generator of solutions to practical problems of the social environment, developing an educational context in which young people receive the best education, within flexible careers, and increasing the prestige of the faculty are as many priorities as possible for our faculty.

For those who want to grow in this environment and for those who aspire to become members of our community, I invite you to discover the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology and to share a life experience that we will gladly remember, in years to come!

Dean of the Faculty of Sociology and Psychology,
Associate professor Irina Macsinga